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Ultima Bore Gauge

Ultima Bore Gauge

Ultima Bore Gauge

Ultima Bore Gauge Set 1

Ultima Bore Gauge Set

Bowers Ultima bore gauge offers a choice of resolutions up to 0.0001mm. Featuring the new bowers ‘fast fit’ measuring heads with extended measuring range (above 14mm), the ultima boasts a simple lever operation and a constant measuring force, ensuring outstanding ease of use and repeatability under laboratory or shop-floor conditions.

UKAS certificates standard for all measuring heads and setting rings
Measuring range 2 - 310mm (0.080" - 12.000")
Resolution: 0.0001mm (0.00001")
Constant spring pressure for improved repeatability
Good positive feel as heads self-centre in the bore
Bowers "Fast fit" measuring heads for rapid changeover
Ceramic anvils on heads above 12mm
Blind-bore measurement standard above 12mm
Possible to connect several probe holders to one single readout to measure different bore sizes at one measuring station
The complete range of Bowers special heads is available for the Ultima (grooves, threads, splines, deep-bores etc)
Depth stops available for all heads
Available without digital readout unit (if not required)
Alternative Sylvac digital readouts available
Interchangeable probe option, to allow use of other manufacturers probes and displays

Technical Specification

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