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Diavite Compact 2 - Portable Roughness Tester

Diavite Compact 2 - portable roughness tester

Diavite Compact 2 - portable roughness tester with cable

Roughness measurement
-Measuring- and indicator unit with graphic display and four function buttons
-Traversing unit VH for tracers with skid or traversing unit VHF for tracers with and without skid
-Traversing unit integrated in the instrument, can also be connected with a cable to the instrument (option for VH) for measurement with stand or to reach difficult measuring points
-Cut-off firmly assigned to the traversing length
-Memory for 15 measuring profiles
-Automatic calibration
-Data output USB interface
-Data transfer to PC for further processing in optional software DIASOFT
-Rechargeable battery for mobile applications
-Accuracy same as for DIAVITE DH-8 thanks to the application of the same traversing units and the same tracers


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