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NEW XTA Micro Analogue Bore Gauge

NEW XTA Micro Analogue Bore Gauge-MXTA8M

NEW XTA Micro Analogue Bore Gauge- MXTA8M scale

NEW XTA Micro Analogue Bore Gauge
The NEW XTA Micro Analogue bore gauge is a more compact mechanical controller, specially designed to suit heavy usage in production environment. The bore gauge light and ergonomic design give better grip for users, allowing them to effortlessly hold and use on machines for long period. Its newly improved functionality allowing users to attain more stable and consistent readings at different measuring positions, achieving higher accuracy measurements. Additionally, the enhanced vernier scale improves resolution from 5µ to 2µ for 6- 20mm measuring range, allowing higher precise readings.

New Features
• More compact mechanical controller
• Lighter and ergonomically designed
  • Improved functionality
  • Vernier scale added to 6-20mm range to improve resolution from 5µ to 2µ
• Metric Scale: 2-6mm range / Graduation 0.001mm , 6-20mm / Graduation 0.002mm
• Imperial Scale: 0.080"-1/4" / Graduation 0.0001" , 1/4”-3/4” range / Graduation 0.0001”

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